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The Party Executive and staff are currently working to establish a fair, effective leadership selection process that will further grow, renew, and strengthen our party.

The following sections of the Constitution apply to this process:

10.3 Within 28 days after any of the following events, the President will call a meeting of the Party Executive, who will set a date for and plan Leadership Vote to be held in accordance with Section 10.4 within one year of the following:

(a) the President receives the written resignation of the Leader;
(b) the President receives a written request from the Leader to call a
Leadership Vote;
(c) the death or incapacity of the Leader; or
(d) the publication at a Convention and General Meeting of the results
of a Leadership Endorsement Vote in which the number of votes
cast in favour of endorsing the Leader is less than 50% of all votes

10.4 A Leadership Vote is a vote of all Members to elect a new Leader, with each Member being entitled to only one vote, and with the votes weighted such that each Riding Association will have the same percentage of votes in electing the new Leader.


Further details will be announced as they become available.